10 Powerful Cannabis Strains For Sleep

Cannabis has all kinds of medical properties, from reducing pain to boosting your mood. However, one of the most useful effects of cannabis is that it helps improve your sleep. Even those dealing with insomnia will find it easy to get a deep sleep when under the influence of marijuana.

One study found that the THC in cannabis is a powerful sleep aid which can help battle insomnia. Another study found that CBD is also helpful for improving sleep. Overall, cannabis can help you get a deeper sleep, reduce nightmares, and even help sedate you.

So what should you buy if you want to sleep better? Here are 10 powerful cannabis strains for sleep.

1. Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG is a prime strain for relaxation. The effects come on thick and fast, so you’ll instantly feel more relaxed, happy, and sedated. It’ll give you a strong body high, so you’ll melt right into the couch.

As you’d imagine, the powerful feelings of relaxation make Tahoe OG ideal for beating insomnia. It’s also great for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s also enjoyable, thanks to its lemony taste. All in all, anyone suffering from sleep problems will benefit from this potent indica strain. You can buy Tahoe OG online here.

2. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that works great for relaxation and sleep. Its sweet and earthy taste is enjoyable for any user, but the real joy comes from its effects. Grease Monkey gives you a powerful body high. You’ll instantly unwind and loosen up, while it’ll also take away any feelings of pain or stress.

It’s a cross between Cookies and Cream and GG4, which explains its tranquilizing effects. This one is ideal for anyone looking to reduce symptoms of pain and anxiety while also boosting their sleep. If you want to check it out, try the Blue Tarantula Grease Monkey pre-roll.

3. Doc’s OG

As you can probably guess from the name, Doc’s OG is bred for medical use. This smooth and flavorful strain is often used for dealing with stress, depression, migraines, and general anxiety. It’s also one of the most powerful cannabis strains for sleep.

Doc’s OG is a 75% indica hybrid crossed between Face Off OG and Rare Dankness #1. This strain will give you fast-acting soothing and sedating effects, leading you into a sweet, sound sleep. Smoking isn’t the only option- you can also try Doc’s OG vape cartridges.

4. Gelato

Gelato isn’t just a tasty Italian dessert, it’s also a rich and flavorful marijuana strain that can put you to sleep. Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Mint GSC, leading to a great-tasting marijuana strain that’s packed with calming effects.

The strain is well-balanced between indica and sativa. That means you might find yourself a little more stimulated and creative at first. However, the potent body buzz will make you want to mellow right out and get to sleep. It’s ideal for the evening. Try the Gelato Live Resin cartridge for fast effects.

5. Sour Pineapple

Sour Pineapple tastes great and feels great. It’s a mix between Phoenix and Pineapple, leading to a highly enjoyable hybrid strain. As you might guess from the name, it has a citrusy aroma, although the taste is a little more diesel-like.

The strain is around 70:30 sativa to indica. You’ll initially feel uplifting, stimulating effects, such as a boost in motivation and creativity. However, once things wind down, you’ll be relaxed and stress-free enough to fall into a nice, deep sleep. It’s ideal for smoking during the day with a byproduct of better sleep at night. You can buy Sour Pineapple online here.

6. True OG

True OG is one of the best indica strains. But don’t just take our word from it- the strain has been the runner-up in every High Times Medical Cup since 2010! This potent strain is known for producing a powerful soothing, mellowing, and sleep-boosting high.

True OG is a prime strain for medical use. It can treat pain, depression, anxiety, migraines, and, of course, insomnia. All of this put together means it’s ideal for anyone looking to get rid of pain and stress and drift into a deep sleep. To get the best of its potent effects, try True OG Live Resin.

7. Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant hybrid known mainly for its sweet taste and physically relaxing effects. While its sativa properties will make you feel a little more energetic and creative, the tranquilizing body buzz will wind you down and make it incredibly easy to sleep.

Sunset Sherbet is also useful for dealing with pain, stress, depression, and boosting your appetite. You can buy Sunset Sherbet vape cartridges here.

8. Sunshine Daydream

Another strain with effects as relaxing as its name. Sunshine Daydream is a crossbreed between Appalachia and Bubbashine. It has a rich, interesting taste, along with a 60 to 40 indica to sativa ratio.

This indica-dominant hybrid is ideal for relieving any lingering pain. Of course, it’s also perfect for winding down and getting a good night’s sleep. Try it with the Sunshine Daydream vape cartridge.

9. Tangie

Tangie is a popular strain known for its tangerine taste and a wide range of effects. It’ll give you a pleasurable, clear-minded high, ideal for clearing out any stress or anxiety.

Although Tangie is sativa-dominant, it does have some indica properties. Although it’ll lift you up at first, you’ll find it much easier to sleep at night thanks to its highly relaxing properties. Try it by buying Tangie Live Resin.

10. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a potent strain with a sweet yet spicy smell and potent effects. It’s a sativa strain and definitely more suited to daytime use. However, while smoking during the day will give you a burst of energy, it also clears your mind. The relaxing body high means if you smoke it while mellowing out on the couch you’ll find it easy to drift off and fall asleep.

It’s a smooth and enjoyable high suited to any user. You can buy Durban Poison pre-rolls here.


Almost all marijuana strains will help with sleep in one way or another, and these 10 powerful cannabis strains for sleep are all good choices. There are other options too- you could try Indica pre-rolls for a strong, sedating high or even products like cannabis tinctures. Whichever way, using cannabis is ideal for improving your quality of sleep and beating insomnia, wakefulness, and other sleep issues.