3 ways to use our bath Soak

You’ve heard how great cannabis infused epsom salts are as a bath and foot Soak, but there are many other uses for this versatile product. Here are a few to go with a 50% mark down on Soak, get some now while supplies last!

  1. Salt Scrub
    Mix ½ cup of Soak Bath and Foot salts with ¼ olive or almond oil and massage all over wet skin. Start and your feet and work you way up for a wonderfully relaxing skin softener.
  2. Facial Exfoliator
    Mix about half a teaspoon of Soak Bath and Foot salts into your favorite liquid cleanser and rub gently into your skin for an exfoliating & hydrating cleanse that will also reduce redness.
  3. Splinter Remover
    Ouch! Ease the pain and make it easier to remove by soaking it first in epsom salt. If you’re lucky that’s enough to draw the splinter out, no needle required!