576a1818f307933f2e30d62b_testimonialsCarrie Tice started Octavia Wellness after seeking information about which non-psychoactive cannabis products could help alleviate her mother’s dementia symptoms. After researching with doctors, dispensaries, and online services in the market, Carrie discovered a need for a service to offer guidance and in-home support for safe, legal cannabis options.

Shop with a Consultant

Octavia Wellness makes it easy for seniors to comfortably learn about and experience cannabis through:

  • Trained Wellness Consultants
  • Easy Online Medical Recommendations
  • Trusted Products
  • In-Home Sales & Discreet Overnight Delivery

Become a Consultant

Octavia Wellness recruits and trains cannabis consultants to work with the specific needs of clients seeking wellness solutions. Consultants become independent business owners and earn commission on sales.