Cannabis Topicals are the New Icy Hot

Topicals are a great product to start with if you are new to cannabis, feel a little intimidated, or worried that you may experience an overwhelming “high.” But the most important factor is wanting to receive pain relief from CBD! Topicals are inclusive, user friendly, and safe to use.

Safe and Easy To Use
Topicals are cannabis infused balms, lotions and oils that are used to relieve pain, soreness and inflammation amongst many other symptoms! They are to be used directly on your skin. It’s non-intoxicating which means you will not receive psychoactive effects. Dr. Bluto, Chief Medical Officer of Octavia Wellness, starts her patients who are new to cannabis treatment with topicals because even if there is THC present, the psychoactive component of of cannabis, not enough is absorbed into the bloodstream to get you “high.”

Topicals for Tension
Topicals are localized for pain relief, inflammation and muscle soreness and tension. Determining where your pain is important. For instance, are you experiencing headaches? If your pain is the cause of tension or soreness in your neck, then that’s the area you would apply your topical to. THC in its acid form (THCa) is anti-inflammatory. When THCa is combined with CBD, they work together to take care of inflammation and pain. Essential oils varies and are present in most topicals to enhance health benefits.

A Triple Threat Recipe For Healing
Heal: Body Balm is part of the Healing Without the High line of products by Octavia Wellness. Whether you are experiencing minor sprains, backaches, or skin irritation the key components of this spectacular topical are here to tend to your needs. Our signature blend is tailored specifically for you and uses whole plant full spectrum cannabis extract to deliver all the natural pain relieving effects of CBD and includes turmeric and birch sweet oil. Turmeric is known to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and an immunity booster. Birch sweet oil removes toxins from the body and stimulates the circulatory system which aids conditions such as arthritis.

Octavia Wellness Consultants Want to Help
If you find yourself having trouble choosing a product, topicals or not, we have Wellness Consultants available to help you! Consultants are trained. They will be able to recommend products to assist your ailments and help you feel comfortable using our products by educating you on how to use them.