CBD creams and balms are the new cannabis topicals

While those new to the cannabis plant and seniors immediately think of smoking when they think of marijuana, medicine and technology have come a long way in developing non-inhalation options like high quality CBD tinctures and oral drops, tasty microdose edibles, and CBD extract topicals. At the same time the benefits of marijuana have expanded beyond just getting high, to include a greater understanding of using cannabis to treat chronic pain. Our goal at Octavia is to provide everyone with the information they need to empower safe and effective cannabis consumption and today we’re talking about topicals.

Healing Without the High

For external use only, topicals are products applied directly to the skin like full spectrum CBD creams, balms and sprays. Skin is the body’s largest organ and has an amazing ability to synthesize and respond to cannabinoids making it a perfect way to experience the benefits of cannabis without psychoactive side effects. Adding cannabis oil to a topical product like a balm allows seniors to treat chronic pain and inflammation, superficial burns, eczema, and even insect bites. Soaking in a bath with cannabis infused epsom salts can help calm muscle spasms and show the benefits of marijuana for back pain. While many products now come with the addition of essential oils and mild, calming scents, just like fancy department store brands, regular use of a medical CBD oil infused cream can seriously help seniors reduce or avoid a dependence on opiates. Everyone’s needs, preferences, and tolerances vary though, and you should always consult with a physician before starting any wellness program.

The perfect time to try topicals

After a bath or shower is the perfect time to apply a topical product to a sore back, shoulder or knee. Effects begin around 20 minutes after application and last about 3 – 4 hours, with no psychoactive effects you can re-apply as often as you like. Just like many professional athletes who have been touting the pain relieving benefits of hemp and marijuana for several years as it offers significant relief to their early onset joint and muscle pain. The organization Athletes for Care is dedicated to promoting a holistic, alternative approach to athlete wellness, both for those still playing and retirees.

Now that you know medical marijuana isn’t just about smoking, consider a topical the next time you need pain management for anything from a bad back to neuropathic pain. Topicals are a non-intoxicating, convenient and easy-to-use option for quick pain relief.