How to Use Cannabis for Pain

Many people nowadays use cannabis for pain. Scientific studies have shown it’s a safe, effective, and viable treatment for all kinds of pain, from chronic pain associated with conditions like anxiety to general pains, strains, and aches. The high from cannabis alone can soothe your body and relieve feelings of pain. However, the cannabinoids in cannabis such as THC and CBD also have healing properties which can help reduce inflammation and prevent painful conditions.

You don’t necessarily have to smoke cannabis for pain either. There are many cannabis products available nowadays, from simple-to-use oils to topical creams and balms you can apply to pain-inflicted areas on your body. Confused about how to use cannabis for pain? Here’s a guide.

Smoking Cannabis for Pain

Smoking cannabis for the treatment of pain is becoming increasingly common. Marijuana is easily accessible in states such as California, where both medical and recreational use for adults is legal.

Smoking marijuana can give users incredibly fast-acting relief for their pain. Just a few hits of a joint or a pipe can give you a relaxing physical sensation that reduces feelings of pain and discomfort.

While all strains can help with pain to some extent, indica or high-CBD strains are the best options. Indica strains are known for inducing heavily sedating effects, while high-CBD strains are primed for medical use and give you less psychoactive effects.

Many strains are available to buy online providing you’re of legal consumption age. Those looking to use cannabis for pain can benefit from Indica pre-rolls. These are a convenient option for those looking for a nice relaxing high that will take away their pain.

How to Use Cannabis Oils for Pain

There are also many smokeless ways to use cannabis for pain. For instance, cannabis oils are an incredibly popular option for those who need medical effects without getting high. You can also find cannabis oils with THC that will give you the high-inducing effects of marijuana along with the medical benefits.

Cannabis oils and tinctures are very easy to use. All you need to do is apply a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for a small amount of time- generally around half a minute. The cannabinoids will take effect on your body, giving you pain relief, reduced anxiety, mild relaxation, and more.

Those who want the pain-relieving effects of both CBD and THC can benefit from 1:1 Sublingual Drops. Those who want milder effects that lean more towards therapeutic use will prefer 4:1 Sublingual Drops. You can also find oils with very low amounts of THC to prevent psychoactive effects, such as 18:1 MCT Full Spectrum Oil. These products offer a more discreet and convenient way to use cannabis for pain.

How to Use Cannabis Topicals for Pain

Many people also use CBD and THC topicals for treating pain. These provide an extra-safe method of use- cannabis topicals won’t reach your bloodstream and make you high, but they do penetrate the skin to give you great healing and pain-relieving properties.

Studies have found that topicals infused with cannabinoids are effective in reducing pain and inflammation. They work by binding in receptors in the body to reduce the feelings of pain. They can also help treat cuts, bruises, and skin infections.

To use cannabis topicals, all you need to do is apply a small amount to the affected area on your body. Your body will soak up the effects, giving you quick pain relief in addition to other benefits.

Topicals also come in numerous forms, giving you plenty of options. For instance, you can use Soothe Body Mist to spray directly on the area of your body affected by pain or opt for Topical Creams and Balms.

While topicals generally won’t get you high, the only exception is transdermal patches containing THC. These can be absorbed into the bloodstream and give you some psychoactive effects. However, many users enjoy products such as 1:1 Releaf Patches for their therapeutic effects.

How to Use Cannabis Edibles for Pain

You can also use cannabis edibles for pain. Edibles are digested into your body, resulting in slower-acting but much more potent effects. Although the come-up is slower, these can be very effective for reducing pain.

Like other THC products, THC edibles will make you high. However, the effects will be much stronger than smoking, for instance. The high from edibles can last for 8 hours or more. It can be enjoyable, though, and many users will enjoy the long-lasting body buzz that relieves feelings of stress and pain.

You can also find pure CBD edibles. These give you purely medical effects. Although it’ll take longer than other CBD products for them to have an effect, they can be useful if you eat them in advance.

Edibles make for an enjoyable and easy way to consume marijuana. The effects can be much stronger, resulting in highly effective pain relief if you’re willing to wait. There are also plenty of options to choose from, including THC infused sodas, chocolate raisins, and CBD gummies.

Vaping Cannabis for Pain

Vaping is also a good option for treating pain. Vaping provides a healthy, smokeless alternative to smoking marijuana that won’t cause any harm to your lungs.

It involves using a vaporizer or a vape pen. These are easy-to-use tools which only require you to put a small amount of product in a chamber, press a button, and inhale. Like smoking, it’ll give you fast effects including effective pain relief.

You can vape cannabis flower, concentrates, and also specialized vape cartridges depending on the type of vaporizer or vape pen you have. All of these offer great therapeutic effects, making it an enjoyable and convenient way to treat pain with marijuana.


Knowing how to use cannabis for pain can help all kinds of patients. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, having general strains and aches or even just need a way to relax your body and take away stress and tension, all of these methods can help. Using cannabis for pain offers an alternative method of treatment without the harmful side effects of prescription pain medications. There are plenty of options available to buy online and you can even try out multiple to see what suits you the best.