Marijuana Delivery: Where Is It Legal?

The legality of marijuana in the US continues to grow. Medical use is now legal in 33 states, while recreational use is legal in 10 (plus Washington D.C.). But while you’ll have no problem finding dispensaries or marijuana stores in these states, the laws for marijuana delivery services can be a bit more complicated.

Even some states where recreational and medical use is legal don’t offer business licenses for marijuana delivery. Many states still find their away around this. For instance, while marijuana delivery is prohibited in Washington D.C., many businesses operate by using a loophole by gifting a free portion of marijuana along with purchases of memorabilia.

Of course, there are also states where delivery services are legal and rife. For example, marijuana delivery in legal across California and you can order weed straight to your door the same way you’d order a pizza. So marijuana delivery: where is it legal?

Marijuana Delivery: Where Is It Legal?

A lot of states which offer marijuana retail licensing also allow delivery of marijuana. Some also offer distribution licenses for marijuana delivery companies. However, some areas of the US still limit marijuana delivery, making the laws quite confusing.

States such as California, Oregon, and Nevada are known for widespread recreational and medical marijuana delivery. Some businesses offer fast delivery across the state, while others serve specific areas.

Most of the states where medical marijuana is legal also offer delivery for patients, although this can vary from dispensary to dispensary. You will need to have a valid medical card or prescription to prove you’re eligible.

Some states still prohibit marijuana delivery. For instance, marijuana delivery is still illegal in Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Washington D.C., although some delivery services operate via legal loopholes.

Marijuana Delivery in California

Delivery of marijuana products for both legal and recreational use is legal in California. There are many dispensaries and services offering delivery in many areas across the state. All you need to be eligible is proof of age via ID such as a driver’s license.

While some cities in California ban the sale of marijuana, delivery may soon be available. New government regulations aim to allow marijuana delivery even in areas where retail sales are prohibited. This is a big step forward that will make the delivery of marijuana even more accessible in California.

Many marijuana delivery services offer fast delivery to specific areas. However, delivery is widely available across California. For instance, OctaviaWellness provides delivery to most metropolitan areas throughout the state.

There are certain exceptions, such as college campuses and military bases. However, most Californians will have no problem getting weed and other products sent straight to their doorstep. Check out the FAQ page for more information on California marijuana delivery

How Marijuana Delivery Works

In many states where buying medical or recreational weed is legal, you’ll also find that many stores and dispensaries offer weed delivery. Some offer same-day delivery, much like with ordering food. Some deliver within days, the same way you’d order other products.

There are also many delivery services which operate online. Here you can browse through products and order for home delivery. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to provide ID to prove you’re 21 or over when the delivery comes.

Online delivery websites make it very simple to order marijuana for delivery. For instance, on OctaviaWellness you can sign up, browse the online shop, and order marijuana and other products for delivery within minutes. You can get orders delivered within days with no hassle and no legal issues.

Where is CBD Delivery Legal?

Whereas the delivery of marijuana is still prohibited in many states, delivery of CBD products is much more widely available.

This can depend on the product. Things like oils and tinctures made with both CBD and THC are still classified as cannabis products and are subject to the same laws as marijuana.

However, there are now many hemp-derived CBD products. These are often sold in dispensaries and even pharmacies and health stores. These aren’t classified as marijuana products and there are no legal limits to buying them or having them delivered.

Cannabis-derived CBD Oils are also legal in many states where marijuana isn’t providing they only have a small amount of THC. Many patients who aren’t able to access marijuana often turn to CBD Tinctures as an alternative way to get the health benefits of cannabidiol.

Is Marijuana Delivery Safe?

Marijuana delivery is safe for everyone and may even be preferable to other methods of purchase. The ability to get the products you want to be sent straight to your door makes it a highly convenient option for many. What’s more, everything is packaged safely and discreetly.

Delivery services for marijuana take your privacy very seriously. Your details will be kept safe and packages are sent with discretion in mind. That means you’ll get your orders without anyone knowing what you ordered.

Many states where it’s legal to buy marijuana also make it legal to have it delivered. Although delivery businesses in some states operate in a gray area of the law, you won’t get into any legal trouble for using them.

Ordering marijuana for delivery makes things simple. You can browse online to find the exact products you want and check reviews to ensure their quality. It’s also better to get delivery if you’re buying higher amounts as you won’t have to worry about transporting it home.


As the legalization of marijuana grows across the state, so does marijuana delivery. Many states make it legal for businesses to send products straight to your door for your convenience. This can be a huge help for medical patients who find it harder to go out and get them. However, recreational users will also benefit from the ease and convenience of marijuana delivery.

Marijuana delivery isn’t limited to weed, either. You can also order cannabis concentrates, edibles, topicals, and all kinds of other cannabis products. It’s also best to stick to licensed and reputable services when getting marijuana delivery. Make sure you keep within legal limits and you should have no problems whatsoever.