Meet Octavia Wellness Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marsha Bluto

Dr. Marsha Bluto received her medical doctorate from Penn State College of Medicine and subsequent specialty training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from Stanford University Hospital. Her previous experience as a Registered Nurse, coupled with her Business Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, provides a broad and unique perspective on health care.

Dr. Bluto has a thriving non-operative, orthopedic practice in the Bay Area. Her long-time emphasis on alternative holistic approaches to healing and wellness, coupled with a focus on patient advocacy, education and empowerment, has compelled her to become a pioneer in cannabis education.

In her role as Chief Medical Officer at Octavia Wellness, Dr. Bluto provides clinical oversight for product development, focusing on low and non-psychoactive products.  In addition, Dr. Bluto oversees the “Ask Octavia” advanced care network program and is creating a robust content library of videos and training materials.  Dr. Bluto frequently lectures at conferences and community events throughout the world.