Octavia Wellness at The Villages Golf and Country Club

On July 12, 2018, CEO Carrie Trice and Dr. Marsha Bluto, Chief Medical Officer, spoke over 200 seniors at The Villages Golf and Country Club in San Jose about the benefits of cannabis and CBD for assisting health concerns: chronic pain, insomnia and inflammation.

Cannabis for Alzheimer’s and Pain Management
In 2014, Carrie founded Octavia Wellness after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Carrie witnessed what CBD could do for those who are struggling with conditions that are debilitating. From then on, the mother-daughter duo wanted to make cannabis accessible to those in need of relief.

Dr. Bluto is a board-certified MD with degrees from Stanford and Penn State College of Medicine. Dr. Bluto specializes in pain management at a non-operative, orthopedic practice. Her long-time emphasis on alternative holistic approaches to healing and wellness, coupled with a focus on patient advocacy, education and empowerment, has compelled her to become a pioneer in cannabis education.

Where the doctor says to start
Dr. Bluto usually starts patients off with topicals, a cannabis infused cream, because even if there is THC in it, not enough THC is absorbed into the bloodstream to get you high. Healing Without the High is a product line by Octavia that includes topicals like Heal: Body Balm. Heal is perfect for chronic pain, muscle aches, or arthritis. These products are made with whole plant full spectrum cannabis which means it delivers all the benefits of the plant.

Wellness Consultants were available
The event space at the Villages in San Jose was large enough we were able to offer sessions with Wellness Consultants Marta Macbeth, who specializes in women’s issues, Frank Leonardi a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and and Rose LaChance a dementia care specialist. Octavia Wellness Consultants are trained professionals, dedicated to providing seniors and those new to cannabis, with the necessary information to empower safe and effective cannabis consumption. As of January 2018, in California, adults 21 and over can purchase cannabis through a licensed dispensary.

Invite Octavia to speak at your location
If you would like information about the benefits of cannabis and CBD for senior health concerns like chronic pain, insomnia and inflammation invite Octavia to your next event. Just email us at annie@octaviawellness.com we’re always happy to spread the word!