Octavia Wellness in the SF Chronicle

April Short’s article, “Inside the corporate exodus to cannabis country” covers the switch many have made from corporate America to the new frontier of cannabis.

“…Two and a half years ago, Mill Valley resident Carrie Tice told her longtime boss — the president of the international video game company Ubisoft — “I’m gonna quit my job and start a cannabis company.”

He urged her to take a leave of absence. Instead, 48-year-old Tice traded in her title as a senior director of Ubisoft sales and partnerships to become the co-founding director of San Francisco cannabis company Octavia Wellness, which provides cannabis wellness consulting for seniors.

Tice put aside her boss and others’ words of caution, and made the leap based on personal experience she said. She had smoked cannabis instead of using opiates for pain following a radical hysterectomy. Later, she had witnessed her mother’s success with cannabidiol-rich pot gummies that did not get her mom high, but seemed to help lift the fog of her dementia.

“When you know how people are benefiting from this, you kind of feel a responsibility to scream it from the mountaintops,” she said.

Read the full article here: http://www.greenstate.com/news/a12195602/inside-the-corporate-exodus-to-cannabis-country