Octavia Wellness named the Best Personalized Cannabis Service in California!

We are thrilled to have been awarded the 2018 Best Personalized Service in California by GreenState, a digital magazine of the San Francisco Chronicle devoted to cannabis. The award recognizes our exclusive team of trained Wellness Consultants for their dedicated work with seniors and those seeking support, to the vast benefits of cannabis products and services.

We help you learn about cannabis

Octavia Wellness consultants are dedicated to empowering safe and effective cannabis consumption and we discovered that many people, especially seniors, are uncomfortable or unable to go to dispensaries to learn about and purchase cannabis products like tinctures and topicals, or vapes and edibles.

You don’t have to get high to experience the benefits of cannabis

We are proud to be the premier choice for thousands of people seeking relief from common ailments, including insomnia, chronic pain, and mood and anxiety issues. Carrie Tice, CEO of Octavia Wellness states, “People like my 82 year old mom prefer to meet in the comfort of their own homes, often times along with their peers, to become educated about cannabis. Many people still are unaware that you don’t have to get high to find relief with cannabis, and our consultants help introduce clients to products that are tailored for their specific needs, and then they explain how to use them.”

Everyone’s needs are different

Our clients needs range from help with gaining a Medical Marijuana card, to facilitating orders for clients with accessibility issues, who have trouble ordering online, or who have specific questions about what’s most helpful for their ailments. Consultant Marta Macbeth says, “I love being in service to my clients and helping them along every step of their healing journey.”

We’re spreading the word

In addition to private in-home consultations, our team provides community outreach to educate about the the benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis oil and hemp oil. In particular, letting them know that the ways of using cannabis have grown beyond smoking to offer non-inhalation products like oral drops, edibles, and topicals and how a daily microdose of cannabis can help with symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, mood and anxiety.

We thank our Wellness Consultants and GreenState for this wonderful recognition!