Questions about cannabis? Ask Octavia.

Are you confused about how to properly use cannabis for wellness? With so many options it’s hard to know where to start. What’s the difference between CBD and THC, what is microdosing and are there non-intoxicating cannabis products for seniors? Get the answers from a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant through Ask Octavia, a phone consultation service that provides up to date, accurate information for safe and effective cannabis consumption.

Find out about the benefits of cannabis

As cannabis becomes more accepted and available, now is the perfect time to learn about its healthful benefits and how it can help with a range of issues. Whether it’s symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain or general malaise, cannabis can be an effective, natural alternative to prescription medications. For instance, cannabis infused topicals like creams and balms, can be the perfect alternative for dealing with chronic pain. Applied directly to the skin topicals allow seniors and those new to marijuana to get quick relief from pain and inflammation, superficial burns, eczema, and even insect bites without getting high.

Learn the basics of cannabis

Ask Octavia consultants are able to provide guidance on how to start using cannabis, what products to take, how to take them and where to buy cannabis products. Beginners looking for information on the basics, from non-intoxicating ways to ingest marijuana like low dose tinctures or oral drops, topicals and microdose edibles to more advanced information about high CBD and low THC products, hemp oil and cannabis oil for cancer and multiple sclerosis cannabis treatments.

Who should try Ask Octavia

Ask Octavia is the perfect way for seniors, cannabis beginners and anyone needing more serious treatment to get informed answers from a certified professional. From CBD to THC, microdosing to whole plant, full extract and the best cannabis oil for cancer, visit for the answer today.