The Mindfully High App: Free Professional Cannabis Guidance

The Mindfully High App:  Free Professional Cannabis Guidance

Learning to use cannabis responsibly and safely is of course of prime importance, especially for seniors exploring the positive effects of grass.  Marijuana can definitely have a strong impact on consciousness and behavior, especially these days with THC levels quite high in many cannabis products. It seems wise to understand how grass can impact our mood, thought-flows, behavior and inner experience – and learn how to manage our high times mindfully so that we optimize our experience.

I’ve been guiding clients in private therapy practice for over three decades, teaching how to use marijuana mindfully. In Mindfully High, and my forthcoming book Couples Using Cannabis, I explore the primary mental and emotional effects that you can anticipate, each time you use cannabis. My colleagues and I have also developed guided audio and video programs that help new users focus their attention in positive directions while high, so that the experience is predictably safe, healthy, and enjoyable.

My early mentor, Humphry Osmond MD (the NIH psychedelic researcher who coined the term ‘psychedelics’) was the first to point out that ‘set and setting’ are crucial when we use a psychoactive substance such as cannabis. If we learn to consciously manage our inner mood and mindset when using grass, and also gently control the environment we’re in, we can quite readily optimize the type of experience we have when using grass.

24/7 Guidance: Throughout the United States, there are new organizations that provide in-person guidance for people learning to use grass properly, or seeking to enhance the cannabis experience after years of use. However, most of us don’t need expensive in-person help. All we need is some clear professional audio/video assistance just before using cannabis, and right after ingesting the herb. To meet this need, my colleagues and I have developed the Mindfully High App, which you can download for free and use as a trustworthy support system to augment your grass experience.

The Mindfully High App provides you at any time or place with enjoyable psychological guidance to help you relax and enjoy the high experience, and also to shift into ‘mindful mode’ when needed. You’ll discover how to stay responsible and in charge of your actions as you explore whatever emotional and mental experience you’re having. And when your situation requires responsible action and relating, you’ll know how to quickly refocus and function quite normally.

Marijuana is very different from alcohol. When you’re inebriated with alcohol, your entire nervous system gets unbalanced, distorted, numb and dysfunctional. But during the THC-infused cannabis experience, you can readily learn to shift into ‘normal mode’ when needed, so that you can act responsibly. The Mindfully High App provides 24 six-minute guided video experiences which enjoyably teach the basics of being mindful. Part of the pure fun of taking THC-imbued cannabis involves temporarily drifting off into remarkable inner zones of enhanced insights and feelings. But in contrast to alcohol, with grass you can learn to shift back into ‘function mode’ when needed.

Non-Grass Use: You’ll find that the Mindfully High app also serves as a short-form mindfulness uplift without any grass involved, whenever you want a quick shot of inner balance, calm, insight and wholebody pleasure. Especially at work, or when parenting, or out in public, you’ll find the app’s programs of great value in staying centered and positive, empathic and creative. The app also provides over a thousand unique nature/art photos for uplifting ‘beauty breaks’ along with special audio vacations on various relaxation/recharging/insight themes. And there’s a special audio “Pre-Intake Ritual” that helps you shift into a receptive mindstate just before using cannabis.

At we’ll be posting more notes on how to use this app for specific purposes and situations, in the weeks to come. You can also request a phone consultation if you have particular questions. And we encourage the creation of local groups where you come together once a week or so, to share your cannabis experiences with each other. See MindfullyHigh Grass Groups for more.

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And read the accompanying book MINDFULLY HIGH by John Selby