Wellness Consultant – Marta Macbeth

Get to know Marta Macbeth, nature lover, Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant and premier Wellness Consultant here to answer all your cannabis questions. Like all Octavia Wellness Consultants Marta is a trained professional, dedicated to providing seniors and those new to cannabis, with the necessary information to empower safe and effective cannabis consumption.

Her Journey to Cannabis

Marta first became interested in cannabis as medicine to find relief from chronic pain and has a vast knowledge of the different strains of medical cannabis, the myriad terpenes, and their therapeutic effects on the body. Personally Marta has benefitted greatly from medical cannabis to alleviate pain and inflammation due to injuries and physical disorders and has deep experience with the different methods of ingestion, from oral drops to topicals. An aromatherapist, mother and grandmother Marta’s goal is to help seniors and those new to cannabis learn about the health benefits the plant can offer.

Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant

Certified by the Medical Cannabis Curriculum for Nurses, Marta brings her expertise to Ask Octavia to guide patients on the best course of cannabis treatment, protocols and dosing to improve overall heath and enhance well-being.

Marta’s Passions

A lover of nature and dolphins Marta also hosts medical marijuana workshops that are fun, healing, and transformative and contributed greatly to Octavia Wellness winning a 2018 Best Personalized Service award.

Ask Octavia

Marta is just one of the certified Ask Octavia Wellness Consultants, available to provide up to date, accurate information for safe and effective cannabis consumption. Ask Octavia is the perfect way for seniors, cannabis beginners and anyone needing more serious treatment to get informed answers from a certified professional. From CBD to THC, microdosing to whole plant, full extract and the best cannabis oil for cancer, visit https://www.octaviawellness.com/ask today for all the answers.